Pair of Beeswax Taper Candles

  • $20.00

This listing is for one pair of beeswax taper candles. Candle holder is not included.

Cut your wick to about 1/4", light, and enjoy! Each 8 inch candle will burn for approximately 7-8 hours.

Our candles are completely made by hand using locally sourced beeswax harvested from the banks of the mighty Rio Grande, and the lofty mountains around Taos. The bees get to decide on the scent and hue of each batch, depending on which wildflowers they choose to forage. Alfalfa and clover by the river - spruce and pine up in the mountains.

Beeswax is the cleanest and longest burning wax, and is completely sustainable. Your purchase helps support our local beekeepers, and most importantly the bees!