Q: Who makes the pottery?

A: Behind the scenes, Pitch Pine is a collaborative effort between husband and wife artists. Tara is responsible for most of the “wet work”, or actual forming of the pots and items for sale. She also carves each individual item by hand without use of stencils or molds. Once fired, Matt uses his skills in glaze chemistry to create and apply the beautiful glazes that complete each pot. Matt is also responsible for all of the photos taken for our website and social media accounts.


 Q: Are items microwave and dishwasher safe? 


 A: The short answer is yes, however, handmade pottery should be treated a little differently than your typical wares. Hand washing is always best, and will ensure a long life for them. Refrain from extreme temperature changes to avoid thermal shock. You can warm up your pots under warm tap water before pouring hot water into them. Boiling water should not be poured directly into your pieces. 




 Q: Your work sells so quickly and I can never seem to get an item. How can I get a hold of something?


 A: We're so thankful our work is in demand right now, but it's just the two of us making everything you see. We put out over 300 items a month, and unfortunately/fortunately we have a lot of people waiting to purchase. We do, however, have a multitude of return customers who are able to purchase from us often. That means it's very possible to grab an item!

Our best tips from return customers are:

✦Check in ON THE DOT. Five minutes later is likely too late.

✦Use a fast payment method. Our site offers PayPal, ShopPay, ApplePay, GooglePay and more. These pre-filled payment methods save a lot of time. Most successful customers use ApplePay.


✦Check out with one item at a time. If you have two in your cart and one sells out before checking out, you'll have to start over and could end up losing both. Placing an item in your cart does not remove it from the shop and does not reserve the piece. Don't worry, if you check out multiple times we automatically combine your orders and refund you shipping overages!

✦Watch our IG stories the day of and before a sale. We share nearly 100% of new inventory there as a preview.

✦ Use the search bar to quickly navigate to your desired items. 


Q: Where do you ship?


A: Worldwide! With current shipping restrictions we do suggest international customers staying up to date with their own countries limitations on US mail.

International customers are solely responsible for any custom fees due upon arrival of orders. 


Cancellations ☾ Returns ☾ Exchanges 


Q: Can I cancel my order?

A: We’ll accept a cancellation within 24 hrs of purchasing, just shoot us a message with all your order info please!


 Q: Do you accept returns or exchanges?


 A: We don’t, due to the fragile nature of ceramics we only trust our know-how to safely package our items. Having a customer send something back typically results in breakage. Of course contact us if there's a problem with your order, we’ll always do our best to rectify the issue.


Shipping ☾ 


Q: I bought multiple items in separate orders to snag my favorites. Will you combine shipping?


A: We absolutely will! We take our time to go through all orders, combine them when its safe to do so and refund any shipping overages back to you if it happens to cost less. If the items are too big or fragile, we may still ship individually to ensure they arrive at your door safely. Feel free to shoot us a message after a restock with your order numbers to have them combined. We do our best to sort them out automatically for you, but we appreciate the heads up. 


 Q: What do I do if my item arrived damaged?


 A: Ceramics are fragile. We do our absolute best to package them safely for travel, but once USPS or UPS takes over the parcel, it’s safe arrival is entirely out of our hands. Please email us immediately, PitchPinePottery@gmail.com, with you name, order number if possible, and photos of the damaged item. You will receive a refund for the damaged item, minus shipping costs. If you are giving Pitch Pine Pottery as a gift, please open and inspect your package immediately before giving it to your recipient. Refunds cannot be made if you fail to contact us within 5 days of delivery of your order. These are our policies, which you are agreeing to with your purchase.