Q: Who makes the pottery?


A: Tara is the potter behind all of the wheel thrown pieces in the shop. She’s also responsible for all of the carving work you see. That does not mean this is a one-woman operation, however. Matt is behind most of the glaze work you see, and all of the photos taken for our website and social media accounts are his handiwork.


Q: I don’t see any products listed in your shop, but I want to buy something!


 A: If there’s nothing available in the shop it means we’re sold out and don’t currently have any ready to ship items available. We don't take preorders, commissions or custom work at the moment, but check back soon during a restock!


 Q: How do I buy your work?


 A: We restock our shop twice a month with ready to ship items. The exact day and time is always listed in our Instagram bio and website. Items tend to sell quickly, usually within the hour, so check in right on time!


 Q: Do you take custom orders?


 A: We don't accept custom work at this time. Due to the nature of the ceramic process, there is a high loss rate for finished work. Taking custom work usually requires making multiples of an item to ensure there is at least one to provide the customer with. It’s stressful, and more time consuming. Every item that leaves the hot kilns perfectly unscathed is a miracle in our eyes. So we focus on creating batches of ready to ship work for the shop. We do take suggestions to heart. Please feel free to leave requests for us to consider!


 Q: Can I reserve a piece I’ve seen on Instagram?


 A: We can't accept reserves or holds on new pieces for restocks. This would be unfair to the rest of our customers patiently waiting for an item. Thanks for understanding!


Q: What is your price range like?


A: We pride ourselves in offering a wide set of price ranges for our handmade wares. We offer small items like shot glasses, keep-sake dishes, magnets and ornaments for as low as $15-40. We’re just a small business, however, so these items are not always available each restock. We like to cycle through designs to keep things interesting for us and for you. Carved mug pricing will vary on size, design, and glazes, but typically start from $80. If you have more specific questions, shoot us an email!


Q: Do you ship internationally?


A: We ship worldwide! Ceramics are fragile, sometimes heavy, and international shipping is expensive. There's no way around this fact unfortunately, and we only charge what USPS estimates as the cost based on weight and size, with no additional handling fee. Thank you for loving our work from afar!



 Q: When will my order ship?


 A: We only ship out once a week after a restock, and we have a lot of orders to carefully pack for their journeys. It's also just poor Matt handling all of our shipping, so please be patient with him! You'll receive tracking when your order has been packaged up, typically in 1-7 business days after ordering. If the tracking hasn't updated, it's likely waiting for pickup at our studio. We are not Amazon, so please don’t treat us like we should be. We take a lot of time and care to combine multiple orders, refund shipping overages, and carefully package for safe travel!


Q: I bought multiple items in separate orders to snag my favorites. Will you combine shipping?


A: We absolutely will! We take our time to go through all orders, combine them when its safe to do so and refund any shipping overages back to you if it happens to cost less. If the items are too big or fragile, we may still ship individually to ensure they arrive at your door safely.



 Q: Are items microwave and dishwasher safe? 


 A: All are microwave and dishwasher safe unless otherwise noted. Hand washing is always best, and will ensure a long life for your new wares.


 Q: Do you accept returns or exchanges?


 A: We don’t, due to the fragile nature of ceramics we only trust our know-how to safely package our items. Having a customer send something back typically results in breakage. Of course contact us if there's a problem with your order, we’ll always do our best to rectify the issue.


 Q: What do I do if my item arrived damaged?


 A: You can file a damage claim with USPS to receive a refund for your damaged items (https://www.usps.com/help/claims.htm). Damage in shipping is covered by USPS insurance.

You will need your tracking number and order confirmation. If you are denied a reimbursement through USPS, please contact us and we can arrange for a replacement or refund. If you are giving Pitch Pine Pottery as a gift, please open and inspect your package immediately before giving it to your recipient. Refunds and replacements will not be made after 7 days of delivery of your order.


 Q: I'm local to Santa Fe, can I pickup my order? 


 A: Yes! Shoot us a message after purchasing. We can set up a time that works for us both for you to swing by the studio. Keep in mind with COVID-19, we're social distancing, and won't be inviting you into our studio as a safety precaution. We're happy to meet you just outside the studio, and with masks. Thank you for your understanding during this truly weird and difficult time!