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husband and wife artist duo

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Pitch Pine Pottery began in late 2015 in New England. The small company is run by a husband and wife artist duo Tara and Matthew Brault. Their studio is currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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Matt and Tara met in high school, and have long been friends. They found themselves both pursuing careers in functional arts in college. Matthew went on to complete a four year apprenticeship under a master blacksmith after several years of self taught blacksmithing. Tara received her BA with a concentration in Ceramic Arts, along with minor degrees in Art History and English. After college she also apprenticed under a master potter, and worked in historical ceramic reproduction.

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With only the essentials in tow, the couple travelled across country from their home state of Massachusetts to Santa Fe, New Mexico in early 2019.

"Our desire is to bring art with form and function into every home. We feel strongly that life often imitates art and seek to inspire and be inspired by the world around us."